This week's guest:
Kelly Reynolds, Reynolds OBM

Kelly Reynolds - Episode 2After business school and a decade spent on Wall Street, Kelly Reynolds thought there had to be more to life than a terrible commute. Now, as the owner of the Reynolds OBM Agency, she and her team help small businesses grow by getting their ops and finances in shape.

She is also the host of the Sink Handle Podcast where she loves to dole out business advice, with a dose of tough love while keeping the small business panic at bay. She lives in New Jersey (the good part with the beaches) with her husband, son and adorable dog Opie. She loves pretty spreadsheets and people who bring red wine, especially to business meetings and play dates.

In this episode ~

It was a pleasure chatting with Kelly. I fully appreciate her simple, straight forward approach to getting started documenting your numbers and understanding what they mean – and what they don't.

  • How taking inventory of her skills shaped what Kelly's business looks like today
  • The way she stays accountable in her business
  • The basics of getting started with your numbers
  • The best way to track your numbers
  • Why it's important to confront the fears around the numbers and what it can do for your business


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