Welcome to the
Becoming a Profitable CEO Podcast

The Becoming a Profitable CEO podcast was created for female entrepreneurs to support one another on this online journey that definitely has its ups & downs, good, bad & ugly. 

We have two types of weekly episodes: Business Building + Guest Interviews

In our Business Building episodes, I am counting down the weeks of the year and reminding listeners to check in on their quarterly & annual goals to keep them in front of them. I'm also sharing ways to grow your online business.

In our Guest Interviews, I have the pleasure of talking with and sharing brilliant female online business owners with you. They share two perspectives.

The first is to share a part of their journey that they feel would help other online businesswomen know that they are not alone and that success is possible.

The second is how the work they do supports you on your journey to becoming a profitable CEO.

The goal is always to provide female online business owners with the tools to succeed.


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